Brian Eshleman (brianesh73) wrote in prayerchain,
Brian Eshleman

Mark 10:26 -- Human-Calibrated Amazement

Twice in quick succession, Lord Jesus, Your disciples are amazed. To some extent, they seem to have grown used to the reality of walking with You. But what amazes them is Your teaching that even rich and powerful humans have limits. Before they walked with You, they spent decades learning whom to look up to and whom to look down on. They calibrated their instruments by human standards. Now this is revealed in their reactions.

What about us? Have we walked with You long enough to be amazed at You but to keep certain equanimity about our fellow humans? When they are impressive, have we learned to thank You for whatever qualities of You they reflect and to recognize that everything else is passing away? When the humans we expect to respect show their limitations, have we learned to keep our poise, to control our reactions, and to pray for them? As a soldier on the show The Unit told a civilian in a crisis, we will live a lot better if we control our expectations. As Martin Sheen included in his memoir when as a poor actor his baby came through a complicated home delivery in good shape at exactly the time that the president's baby did not survive, wealth and influence are not in ultimate control. Open our eyes, Lord, to the opportunities You take to remind us of that.
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