Mz. Tom Foolery (theamaranth) wrote in prayerchain,
Mz. Tom Foolery

please pray for my dad

I'm 23, my dad is only 42 and had his heart valve replaced a few months back because of an infection there, due to heroin addiction. my grandpa just called last night and said he has a big infection they aren't sure he can fight.

I need you guys to pray for my dad, please ask your families and churches to keep him in their thoughts, and please send a prayer to God for a speedy, full recovery. I hardly know my dad, i need him to stay with us so I can get to know him better.

His name is David Clark, and he's in a seattle hospital. Thank you
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No problem. All the best to your dad.
thank you
i really will try and pray for all of you!
it will be ok <3
hang in there!
and im on here and AIM and such if you need to talk ok?
let us know how he is.
you got it!